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The Mayor and the City Council of the City of San Diego gave Barry a “Barry Berndes Day” on January 14th, 2018. This prestigious award was in recognition of Barry’s over 50-year devotion to showing millions of newcomers, visitors, and residents his city annually via the SAN DIEGAN, SanDiegan.com, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & LinkedIn.



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San Diego Skyline from Harbor Island
San Diego Skyline from Harbor Island —Click on Headline for Instant Access

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Restaurant Reviewer Barry Berndes is an internationally acclaimed restaurant reviewer. He has dined in 10,000 restaurants, so far, & has selected 450 for your review. He goes unannounced, pays for his own meals, eats three meals at one sitting, and inspects each kitchen. This is your assurance that you will receive an equal or better meal than he enjoyed.

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Top 10: Mr. A’s Sky High views & French cuisine

Top 10: Harbor Sunset Dinner & Dancing Cruise

Top 10: Top of the Market Seafood with Bayview

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sandiegan.com San Diego Best Curbside Takeaway & Restaurants offering curbside takeaway & Delivery Restaurants
See San Diego via 50 air, land & sea tours.

1000 BEST San Diego things to do


Sandiegan.com San Ysidro and Las Americas factory Outlets
A visit to the Mega Las Americas Factory Outlet Shopping Center is a must.

#2 Ranked. Shop the Best Factory Outlet Centers in San Diego.

#2 Ranked. City Lights is Best Year-Round Christmas Collectables Store. 

#3 Ranked. Baja Duty FREE Shopping at the Tijuana Border

#7 Ranked Kobey’s Swap Meet. 

2 Antique Districts,La Mesa Antique District. Ocean Beach Antique District.

11 Farmer’s Markets,

Home Buying,

Car Buying


1000 BEST San Diego things to do

11 Awesome Farmers Markets

SanDiegan Encinitas Farmers Market
With food costs so high, a smart alternative the the many Farmers Market

Shopping Antique Districts

SanDiegan.com La Mesa Village
Historic La Mesa’s Antique Row is a must see destination.

There are multiple antique districts to choose from. One is in the beach town of Ocean Beach and steps from the ocean. Another is in east county’s Historic La Mesa, which is associated with many major events including antique car shows and their popular annual Octoberfest. Then there is Adams Avenue Antiques, which runs along Adams Avenue and is centered around 30th St. in North Park. All are fun SanDiegan.com laces to explore.

1000 BEST San Diego things to do

Shopping Factory Outlets 21 Malls, Biggest Swap Meet

Fashion Valley, mall, shopping
Stunning Fashion Valley in Mission Valley is a “Must Visit” destination.

#2 RANKED. HOTLINKED! San Diego has three awesome factory outlet centers, where you can literally shop till you drop! SanDiegan.com also showcases the major shopping centers, as they are glamorous destinations within Sandiegan.com for the Best of everything. See the coupon page. Within these awesome centers are restaurants and outlets galore to enhance the joy in discovering 1000 Best things to do in San Diego.

Shopping Online Bargains & Deals via Sandiegan.com

At the forefront of online shopping is the one and only City Lights Collectibles offering 40,000 sq. ft. of collectibles for every holiday you can imagine. Christmas is their specialty, but they also do a rousing business for Halloween. They offer FREE shipping & visitors pay no tax! Online shopping is their specialty as this store has local, national, and international clientele. However, if you can visit in person, you will be blown away by the quality and magnitude of their offering. Seeing is believing!


Getaways/Tijuana's Rio Tijuana
A visit to Tijuana must include an excursion to Rio Tijuana for shopping

Exploring this international city is fun. Bargain shop Downtown Tijuana, Rio Tijuana and Hidalgo Mercado. Purchase duty-free French perfume. Bring back a bottle of duty-free liquor. Save up to 50% off on meds at Farmacia Gusher. Dine in world-class Tijuana Restaurants. Click on the headline above to view Tijuana chapter. The mode of choice for visiting Tijuana for the day is on foot via a shuttle bus to and from the Border Station car lot. The shuttle will leave you in Downtown Tijuana or at the Rio Tijuana Shopping Center (see map). Otherwise, take a taxi cab, but be sure to agree on the price before you get in the cab.

PARK SAFE at Border Station Parking & take the RT Shuttle. See Tijuana Restaurants, Shops, Hotels.  Explore and bargain shop Downtown Tijuana, Rio Tijuana and Hidalgo Mercado. Dine in world-class Restaurants. Return safe via a round trip bus shuttle service to your car in a protected lot. Discover two Mega Factory Outlets at the Border on the U.S. side. Live the San Diego Experience.

TRAVEL ALERT Park SAFE at U.S. Border take RT Tijuana Shuttle

sandiegan.com border station parking
Park safe! Take a sleek modern bus to Tijuana and back via a bus.

Your American Insurance is NOT VALID IN MEXICO. If you get into an accident, you and your car will be detained in Mexico until the guilty party pays the damages. Plus, the long waits in crossing the border on your return from Tijuana often takes hours. The recommended tried and true solution is to take a sleek (No Hassle) round-trip-shuttle bus service from the Border Station Parking lot to Tijuana and back to your car. This is a 24-hour-a-day fenced and attended lot. Click on this link for a detailed explanation and map. For info on Tourismo Express RT Shuttle Bus to Tijuana click on this hot-link.

Best Tijuana Parking at U.S. Border & RT Bus Shuttle

Sandiegan.com San Ysidro Map

#1 RANKED. HOT-LINKED. Border Station Parking is the best place to park your car on the U.S.A. side of the U.S./Mexican Border. Border Station Parking (428-9477) is at 4570 Camino de la Plaza. in San Ysidro. Parking is ($9) for 10 hours Monday through Thursday. On the weekends it jumps to ($18) a day and on holidays it’s even higher. Exit the last exit before entering Mexico from the I-5 Freeway and take an immediate right into their tall 24-hour attended, fenced, parking lot. From here you can board a round trip Tourismo Express Shuttle Bus that will bring you back to this same parking lot after a day of fun in Tijuana, Mexico. You’ll board the bus in the parking lot. Nothing could be easier. The last departure from Tijuana is 7 p.m. Tourismo Express Shuttle Bus (619-428-0011) charges ($10) per person round trip and ($6) one way. Taking the shuttle is 1,000% better than walking to the border, and then taking a cab to downtown TJ. Also, within SanDiegan.com read my extensive Tijuana Chapter and study the maps.

1000 BEST San Diego things to do

SAVE 32 to 50% on Your Meds

sandiegan.com gusher
Save money at Tijuana’s #1 Drug Store

#1 Ranked. PARK SAFE at Border Station Parking & take the RT Shuttle. #1 Ranked. Tijuana Restaurants, Shops, Hotels. #1 Ranked. Gusher Drugstore in TJ Save 32%-50! #1 Ranked. Explore and bargain shop Downtown Tijuana, Rio Tijuana and Hidalgo Mercado. Dine in world-class Restaurants. Return safe via a round trip bus shuttle service to your car in a protected lot. Discover two Mega Factory Outlets at the Border on the U.S. side. Live the San Diego Experience.

Barry’s Best of Baja Tips — ALL Hot Linked

SanDiegan.com wines
Mexico’s Wine Country is Just a Short Trip South of the Border

#1 Ranked. Wine Tasting adventure in Valle de Guadalupe.

 Romantic Escape to Ensenada, Mexico. 

Dine at the Lobster Capitol of the World. 

Where to Buy Mexican Insurance.

BARRY KNOWS RESTAURANTS & He’s reviewed 10,000

San Diego BEST Curbside Takeaways & Delivery Restaurants

Barry is an internationally acclaimed restaurant reviewer. He has dined in 10,000 restaurants, so far, & has selected 500 for your review. Barry goes unannounced, pays for his own meals, eats three meals at one sitting, and inspects each kitchen. This is your assurance that you will receive an equal or better meal than he enjoyed.

1000 BEST San Diego things to do

SEARCH 500 Restaurants Instantly

Search By Name, Location, & Cuisine – Hot-Linked

Also Search by Category & Most Recommended1

#1 Ranked EAT FREE on Your Birthday 68 locations

#1 Ranked Where kids Eat FREE 83 locations

#1 Ranked 10 Best Burger Joints

#1 Ranked Curbside Takeaways 70 locations

#1 Ranked San Diego Banquets & Catering 200 locations

Most Recommended

Casa Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant

Eat & Play at Dave & Busters

Harbor Sunset Dinner & Dancing Cruise

lL Fornaio Italian Restaurant

Kaiserhof German Restaurant

Marine Room: Dining at High Tide

Sunday Brunch Le Fountainebleu

The Charthouse in Cardiff By the Sea

San Diego Best of Everything San Diego, California USA

Top of the Market Seafood Restaurant

Truluck’s Seafood & Crab Experience

1000 BEST San Diego things to do

Best Eat FREE On Your Birthday in San Diego

San Diego Birthday Specials
San Diego Birthday Specials

#1 RANKEDHOT-LINKED. You may not live to be 100, but everyone should have 100 birthdays. Eating in multiple restaurants for FREE during your birthday month is what local restaurant owners are encouraging you to do. Eat FREE on your Birthday iSan Diego is FUN and Highly Recommended. Highly recommended is the GRAND SLAMM BREAKFAST at any Denny’s Restaurant. Just show up on your birthday with your driver’s license to prove that it’s your birthday. It’s that simple! Other restaurants want you to go online and to get their FREE meal offer. Better yet, since you can’t get to all of these 75 restaurants on your birthday, most restaurant offers are month-long for a FREE meal. Even Rubio’s and Jack-in-the-Box restaurants are offering FREE tacos!

Best 500 Restaurants from 10,000 Reviewed

dining tour of the city
San Diego International Restaurant Row (walking tour) Offers Delicious Dining Alternatives

#1 RANKED. HOT-LINKED! I have literally dined in 10,000 restaurants over the past 54 yearsI go unannounced, I pay for my own meals, and I inspect the kitchen. Unlike a Yelp reviewer, I am a professional reviewer. So, I always eat three meals at one sitting, and I NEVER ORDER MY OWN MEALS. I just say, “bring me the best entree on the menu along with at least one appetizer and two desserts”. I add, “Do NOT tell me what the entree is until it’s served”. I add that “I don’t care what it costs. Just bring me the best entree. If you are in doubt, consult the chef”.

Best Asian Cuisine

#2 RANKED. HOT-LINKED! The Kearney Mesa Convoy District is home to the Best Asian Restaurant Row in America. It’s 1.5 miles long and filled with over 100 restaurants, which are literally next door to one another. For Dim Sum served by cart by dozens of ladies at lunch in a bustling atmosphere, you’re looking for the 20,000 sq. ft. Hong Kong-style award-winner Jasmine Seafood Restaurant. Everything is showcased within SanDiegan.com with maps, photos, and reviews. This is an awesome way to seriously get to know a city via dining in its best restaurants suburb by suburb.

Best Banquets & Catering

sandiegan.com Banquets
Celebrate life with an excellent setting to celebrate any occasion.

#1 RANKED. HOT-LINKED! If there is a wedding or special event in your future, then do what thousands of locals do, visit this page. The SanDiegan.com reviewed recommendations include impressive wineries, elite golf course clubhouses, classy yacht clubs, prestigious hotels, and awesome restaurants with breathtaking ocean views.

Best Breakfast & Brunch 75-Personally Reviewed

#1 RANKEDHOT-LINKED! All 75 SanDiegan.com recommended breakfast and brunch restaurants have been personally reviewed by me. I went unannounced, pay for my own meals, and inspected their kitchen. Expect a delicious dining experience while discovering the Best of San Diego, Reviewed.

Best Burger JointsTop 10 #1 Ranked

InNOut Burger
Enjoying the Best of the Best is to First Find the Top 10 Burgers in San Diego.

#1 RANKED. HOT-LINKED! An American passion is a constant search for the best hamburger. Here at SanDiegan.com, you’ll find my Top 10 Best Burger Joints in San Diego. Plus, I’ve added 20 more honorable mentions with a useful map. I dined in each burger joint, and I sampled multiple burgers at one sitting to find their Best burger!

Best Lunch & Dinner Restaurants 175-Reviewed

#1 RANKED. HOT LINKED  As San Diego’s Dean of Restaurant Reviewers, I only recommend the best reviewed restaurants. I go unannounced, paying for my own meals and insect the kitchen. San Diego is an awesome restaurant town.

Best 70 Curbside Takeaways

#1 RANKEDHOT-LINKED for quick access is the SanDiegan.com recommended BEST Curbside Takeaways places. I only recommend personally reviewed restaurants vs. a list of unknown places. I have always been a big supporter of curbside takeaway dining. Now that dining at home or in your hotel room has become the new NORMAL make it your own by adding candlelight, champagne, and music via Pandora. So, why not see if you can also recall some long-forgotten dance steps?

Kids Eat FREE Places in San Diego 7-Days a Week

#1 RANKEDHOT-LINKED. There are dozens of restaurants in San Diego that want to offer your kids a free meal on specific days a week when an adult purchases a meal. This is a win-win offer you should not pass up for enjoying Kids Eat FREE Places in San Diego 7-Days a Week.

1000 BEST San Diego things to do

Kid-Friendly 40 Things to Do

HOT-LINKED. You are one click away from instant access to 30 fun activities just for kids. Plus, kid-friendly restaurants, where kids eat FREE every day, and where kids eat FREE on their Birthday.


sandiegan.com Breweries, San Diego, Beer
Take my Tour of America’s three best microbreweries.

Best Micro-Brewery Tour

#3 RANKED. HOT-LINKED. San Diego is the Microbrewery Capital of the World. It can boast such a claim because they have won more blue ribbons at world competitions than any other city. The SanDiegan.com tour includes three of the top microbreweries in the U.S.A. They are Stone Brewery, Ballast Point Brewing Company Coronado Brewery. Plus, my self-guided tour shows you four popular neighborhoods with maps and great places to eat.


This easy to navigate wine region includes visiting the best wineries and dining in gourmet vineyard restaurants and sightseeing, which is all in support of my extensive review of the 1000 Best San Diego things to do. As weekend or day long getaways to the wineries is what residents of San Diego love to do.

Sandiegan.com Falkner Winery

1000 BEST things to do

“Enjoy the Best of San Diego” One-Restaurant-at-a-time.

50 suburbs & city walking & driving tours with maps. 

Barry Knows ALL the Best Attractions

sandiegan.com tours of the Famous Hotel Del
Since 1888 the world-famous Hotel del Coronado has been a landmark!

#1 Ranked. Visit Cabrillo Nat. Monument

#1 Ranked Embarcadero Historic Ships

#1 Ranked 14 Historic Museums 

#2 Ranked Shop the Factory Outlets

 #1 Ranked Must See Museums 

#2 Ranked Best Micro Brewery Tour

#7 Ranked Kobey’s Swap Meet.

Balboa Park tour museums & Zoo.


#2 Ranked. Shop Best Factory Outlet Centers

#2 Ranked. City Lights year-Round. Xmas Collectables  

#3 Ranked. Baja Duty FREE Shopping at Border#

7 Ranked Kobey’s Swap Meet.

La Mesa Antique District. 

Ocean Beach Antique District.

Tour the Embarcadero  ships, museums, dining

sandiegan.com san diego bay
San Diego Bay offers Majestic Bay Views.

The SanDiegan.com #3 RANKED HOT-LINKED Tour of the historic maritime museum is a must. It’s fun to climb aboard its fleet of ships. Then visit the USS Midway aircraft carrier, dine in fabulous bay front seafood restaurants, wander through fascinating shops at Seaport Village.

Barry’s Best Side Trips– ALL Hot Linked

1000 BEST San Diego things to do also includes weekend getaways to romantic destinations such as San Felipe, Mexico and Romantic Santa Catalina Island via a 26 mile ferry boat ride. It’s FUN. Not-to-be-overlooked are stay vacations like staying in a B & B in the Gold Rush Town of Julian for a weekend. Also, in San Diego’s Back Country is taking a weekend getaway to the Fabulous La Casa del Zorro in San Diego’s tiny desert resort town of Borrego Springs, which is only an hour and a half from Downtown San Diego. If you’re a golfer, you’ll find great golf and great desert scenery or just relax poolside while sipping your favorite drink. Borrego’s Big attraction happens when the sun goes down! That’s when millions of stars light up the night sky and being 70 miles from the glare of city lights the night stars glitter like diamonds. Expect to see the milky way, the north star, the big dipper and even Orion’s Belt as you are dazzled with God’s creation.

San Diego is paradise

Sandiegan.com San Diego is a Great Attraction
San Diego’s biggest attraction is its beautiful coastline.

There is no doubt about it Newcomers, Visitors and Residents Never Tire of SIGHTSEE SAN DIEGO by Air, Land, and Sea. This fact is verified by the fact that there aren’t enough hotel rooms to accommodate the number of visitors to San Diego’s many attractions on any given day. And on hot summer days the beaches and bays are filled with newcomers, visitors and residents. Another plus, is if you’ve already see the World famous San Diego Zoo, the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier and the other highly touted San Diego attractions then staying for the weekend in seaside resort towns like La Jolla, Del Mar, Encinitas, Carlsbad and Oceanside is a vacation in itself. So, it’s never, what’s there to see and do, but how much time do you have. Here’s a short list of MUST SEE ATTRACTIONS:


Visiting Cabrillo National Monument

SEE A GREEN FLASH at Sunset Cliffs. 

Explore La Jolla & seeing the view at Mt. Soledad Monument. 

#1 Ranked. Shop Historic La Mesa for antiques. 

#1 Ranked. Encinitas is a Historic Hwy. 101 Beach Town

#1 Ranked. Tour the Embarcadero and Historic Ships. 

Be at the Finish line at the Del Mar Racetrack

Dining at the Top of the Market Restaurant Downtown. 

Tour Coronado & The World Famous Hotel del Coronado. 

Wine, Dine & Explore the Temecula Valley Wineries.

1000 BEST San Diego things to do

50 Free Maps & easy DIY City Tours

Sightsee San Diego by Land & Sea Tours

San Diego Skyline from Harbor Island
San Diego Skyline from Harbor Island

See San Diego by AIR

helicopter tour, 

seaplane tour

San Diego by Land with 50 maps

See San Diego by SEA

sailboat San Diego Bay cruise, 

Catamaran Boat Cruise

Hornblower sunset dinner & dancing harbor cruise.

SanDiegan.com 56 yr 1000 BEST things to do

Best Embarcadero tour of ships, museums, dining

sandiegan.com san diego bay
San Diego Bay offers Majestic Bay Views.

The SanDiegan.com #3 RANKED HOT-LINKED Tour of the historic maritime museum is a must. It’s fun to climb aboard its fleet of ships. Then visit the USS Midway aircraft carrier, dine in fabulous bay front seafood restaurants, wander through fascinating shops at Seaport Village as you stroll the historic Embarcadero. This is a #1 family attraction.

Best FREE 1,000 Activities & Fun Things to Do

#1 RANKED. HOT-LINKED. The best 1,000 FREE activities and things to do in San Diego are a click away. For example, the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Safari Park offer FREE admission for children up to age 11 when accompanied by a paying adult each October to celebrate founder’s day. Balboa Park museums offer FREE admission to residents on rotating Tuesdays. Admission to the Old Town’s State Historic Park is FREE and parking is FREE. The Military gets FREE admission to most attractions. So do a little preplanning and you’ll discover that most things to do in San Diego are FREE!

  1. 30 Parades including 3 boat parades
  2. 30 Art Galleries + Spanish Village
  3. 50 Maps for Walking & Driving Tours
  4. 54 Miles of Beaches (La Jolla Shores is #1)
  5. 75 kids eat FREE restaurants
  6. 75 FREE meal on your birthday places
  7. 140 San Diego Festivals
  8. 200 Farmer’s Markets
  9. 250 Hiking Trails & Campgrounds
  10. 340 City Parks for picnics & family outings

1000 BEST San Diego things to do

BARRY KNOWS Historical Museums

Best 14 Historical Museums

San Diego Relocation Essential Information
Being a military town San Diego has a lot of military museums


Best Las Vegas-Style Casinos are 15 min. from Downtown

San Diego Casinos
San Diego is home to Las Vegas-Style Casinos, only 15 minutes from downtown San Diego.

#1 RANKED. HOT-LINKED! Two casinos are only 15 freeway minutes from downtown San Diego. They are JAMUL CASINO Sycuan Casino. Our SanDiegan.com Las Vegas-style casinos offer top-notch gaming venues along with nationally acclaimed entertainment, and dining alternatives galore 24 hours a day. Five casinos even boast luxurious hotel accommodations. Thus, you no longer have to travel to Las Vegas to enjoy gaming at its best. One casino even has a BIG factory outlet.

1000 BEST San Diego things to do


Click on Churchfinder.com for an extensive and informative list of over 100 places of worship. Since San Diego is often referred to as Paradise on Earth, it should come as no surprise that locals love to worship their God.

Coupons and Deals

HOT-LINKED. You’ll enjoy the many SanDiegan.com discount coupons for fun things to do, like a sunset champagne dinner cruise aboard a Hornblower yacht on San Diego Bay. A tour of the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier and the awesome high-end factory outlet shops are absolute musts. Be sure to visit the information center at each mall for their many discount coupons. Due to the Virus, many offers have changed.

1000 BEST San Diego things to do


Hotel Coral, Ensenada, Getaways, Baja California, Mexico
San Diego is blessed with 100’s of awesome hotels and B & B’s.

If you’re NOT staying in a spectacular oceanfront hotel like La Jolla Shores Hotel or a romantic San Diego Harbor view hotel like Kona Kai Resort & Spa on Shelter Island, then staying in a good Sandiegan.com recommended hotel with excellent access to the rest of the city for a lot less money makes good sense. Stay in centrally located Mission ValleyBack-in-the-day, Mission Valley’s Hotel Circle was where everyone stayed. That was before the downtown convention center was built. Two locally-owned hotels with restaurants on their property are The Kings Inn ($77) night and the recently upgraded Town & Country Resort ($149) a night. If you are in the military, rates are even lower. Mission Valley is home to two major shopping centers, great restaurants, two golf courses, dozens of good hotels, and offers easy access to all attractions. Check rates before booking.

1000 BEST San Diego things to do

Museums (94) & Attractions

HOT-LINKED! Balboa Park is San Diego’s Cultural Center and is home to 17 museums, live theatre, a merry-go-round, and more that you can still enjoy via Balboa TV during the pandemic. The San Diego Museum of Art has a great app as well. Plus, SanDiegan.com offers a wonderful walking tour with three easy-to-follow maps. Yet, Balboa Park is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to museums. There are dozens of historical museums including the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier and historic Old Town San Diego, where California’s history began. Admission to Old Town including parking is FREE. My SanDiegan.com walking tours include easy-to-use maps and include where to enjoy a delicious meal with a frosty margarita, and you’ll dine to the sounds of strolling mariachi bands. Ole!


RELOCATION ESSENTIALS: Within 10 Days of Relocating to California, you must obtain a California Driver’s License Here’s How

RELOCATION SanDiegan.com Repairs & Remodeling

If you’re NOT a fix-it man, the next best thing is knowing where to find the help you need, especially if you’re a newcomer.  These recommendations are the result of actually using each one of these journeyman craftsmen. So saying YES TO RECOMMENDING THEM IS EASY.

Home Depot is unquestionably the best hardware store with multi-locations countywide.

Jack-of-All-Trades and Master-of-All. Chepy Flores is an excellent journeyman master carpenter with 45 years of experience and the skill and know-how to fix or build whatever you want. Skills include: cutting and laying saltillo tile, stucco, especially fogging, spray painting, & carpentery. Call Chepy Flores (707-298-0930). He’s a local, born and raised in San Diego and knows what quality is and isn’t. He is a hard worker & easy-to-work with. Reasonable rates. He can’t be overly recommended

Electrician Consider yourself Lucky when you when you can get the services of Bill Watt (1-619-398-7628). He’s an electrician with over 40 years of experience. His knowledge ranges from a standard fix it job to trouble shooting Solar. Of course, he’s easy to work and offers reasonable rates. He cannot be overly recommended!

Roof Repair, it’s Shake, Shingle & Roll Roofing. He’s the best! For low-priced

Junk Removal contact junkbustersinc.com or toll-FREE 1-844-464-586) Ask for the ($99) SPECIAL. 

Tree Care Lucas Lemcke Tree Service (619-316-5242) [Lemckelucas@hotmail.com]. They are licensed and bonded and low priced for excellent professional service. It’s not uncommon for entire neighborhoods to use this same tree service.

Saltillo Tile Installer No less spectacular is the beautiful artistic tile work by Steve Cumper (858-292-0651) a 30 + year seasoned professional. With a business slogan that “No Job is Too Small” you can finally beautify your bathroom, kitchen and floors the way you have always wanted them to be. Steve is your guy! He is a great guy to work with, and his prices are fair and reasonable.

Garage Doors East County Garage Doors to the rescue (619-599-6866) [eastcogaragedoors@gmail.com]. Toby has 30 + years of experience and can spot the problem almost the minute he walks into your garage. Working with the owner of any business makes a big difference with the service you get.

Upholstery Call Sabino Galvan (619-864-3374). Sabino came highly recommended to me, and I couldn’t be happier. Get a low price for the highest quality. All you need do is go online and purchase the fabric you love, and take your desired furniture along with the fabric to him. Why not get what you want vs. buying something almost as good and paying more?

RELOCATION Real Estate: Home Buying, Apartments, Condos, Retirement, Where to live

HOT-LINKED! For 55-years Sandiegan.com has been everyone’s choice for the insider information of what each suburb has to offer. I also review the top builders and mega apartment complexes. My hands-on experience includes having actually lived in nine different suburbs in San Diego County while growing up in San Diego. Reading the over 20 neighborhood chapters with walking and driving tours is a must for getting to know the lay of the land. A great source of San Diego stats is realestateusnews.com

Relocation: Accounting Services

The cornerstone of a savvy business and household is having an accounting firm to do your taxes in California. Easy to recommend is Kornfeld & Associates cpas at 2067 1st. Ave. in downtown San Diego 92101 (619-563-8000) or email Casey@kornfeldca.com. This is a full service accounting firm with the expertise to do your business as well as personal income taxes.

1000 Best Things to do

Free San Diego Relocation Assistance

#1 RANKEDHOT-LINKED. Also, refer to the SanDiegan.com  home buying, renting, condos, apartments and office space. Click on this tab Commercial.com for assistance in finding office space. I’ve used Pacific Coast Commercial for office space with great success.

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HOT-LINKED! Jobs, jobs, and more jobs, San Diego is a great place to live, work, and play.

Relocation Newcomer Military Assistance

Sandoegan.com San Diego Relocation Essential Information
A tour of the USS Midway will make you proud to be an American. We are a Navy town and like to show our out-of-town guests who we are.

#1 RANKEDHOT-LINKED! Many locals served in the military in San Diego. So, I’ve been on every military base. I know the San Diego you want to know! Be sure to make full use of the Housing Referral Office for your branch of service. They are staffed with military wives, who are committed to your family having a smooth transfer. The Housing Referral Office is a big help.

Relocation: 50 FREE San Diego City Tours

1000 BEST Things to do

Relocation Newcomer Guide to San Diego


sandiegan.com JOBS
Many of the 36 million visitors a year, relocate here to enjoy living in Paradise 365 days a year.

#1 RANKED. Access this page via the Navigational Bar on the laptop version at Sandiegan.com because as a newcomer you will be visiting this website an average of 11 to 48 times your first year of residency. Thus, getting to know all SanDiegan.com has to offer will be a great asset in getting you up to speed in your relocation. Be sure to review Sandiegan.com Real Estate, Neighborhoods, Jobs, and Shopping chapters. If you’re in the military read the extensive Military chapter accessing it via the Navigational Bar in the laptop version. Your research should include using the suburb maps with walking and driving tours to give you the lay of the land to discover the uniqueness of each suburb.

Relocation Newcomer Car Buying Guide

#4 RANKED. San Diego’s big car dealerships are grouped together regionally from the South to the North. The Mile of Cars mileofcars.com in the South Bay boasts of having 5,000 cars and 18 dealerships. They cater to the military at the Naval Bay at 32nd Street and Latinos south of the border in Mexico. The next concentration of dealerships is in Mission Valley along Highway 8. East of Mission Valley is the city of El Cajon, which is home to a host of dealerships along El Cajon Blvd. The remaining three multi dealerships are in Poway, Escondido, and Carlsbad. They cater to soldiers stationed at Camp Pendleton. The biggest single dealership with multi-locations and an excellent reputation is the Mossy Automotive Group with 7 locations offering Nissan, Toyota, Ford, Volkswagon, Honda, Mitsubishi, Infiniti, and El Cajon Ford. I have bought and leased several cars from Mossy. So, I can attest to their high quality.

Relocation Online Universities/Colleges

HOT-LINKED! Click on the headline for a list of the Best Online Schools in San Diego. San Diego is a college town with over a dozen colleges and universities. Plus, being a military town as well there are a lot of perks for military families to take full advantage of the extensive online alternatives available to get their degree while in San Diego.

San Diego is paradise on earth. Just ask a local. Yet, no two suburbs are the same. Aspire to live in the coastal zone as near to the ocean as possible, especially if you are single. I have spent the past 54 years creating chapters with a map of all of the great places to live. A review of the many cities and suburbs listed in the Neighborhood tab is essential. Read each suburb chapter before you tour them. San Diego is also home to awesome new home builders including Shea HomesMcMillin.com, and Pardee Homes offer extras like solar. See the Real Estate Chapter within SanDiegan.com.

BARRY KNOWS Sports and Recreation

Oh my gosh! For outdoor activities galore finding over 1000 Best things to do in San Diego os very doable. Also, featured above in alfa order is 1000 FREE things to do in San Diego.

sandiegan.com airlane
Seeing San Diego by Air land and See is a must!

HOT-LINKED Everything from Sky Diving to Sailing or just Basking in the Sun is what makes discovering my San Diego Best of San Diego, Ca. is a 365 days a year playground. What to do is never a problem when there are over 1000 Best San Diego things to do featured in SanDiegan.com.

1000 BEST San Diego things to do

Travel Getaways for Locals 

Sasndiegan.com julian pie
Julian is Home to the Best Homemade Apple Pie in the County

HOT-LINKED! Virtually every year online travel magazines rank San Diego as the top Travel destination worldwide beckoning 36 million visitors here to relax and enjoy the moment. Here is a local and regional travel SanDiegan.com bucket list of 1000 Best San Diego things to do, which are must-experience travel destinations in your own backyard to take the edge off during the coronavirus, especially if you have cabin fever.

1000 BEST San Diego things to do

Travel Getaway to Catalina

sandiegan.com catalina
Not far from San Diego is Catalina Island a romantic getaway.

HOT-LINKED. A super romantic SanDiegan.com getaway 26 miles off of the California coast from Dana Point via a sleek ferry is a romantic getaway almost incomparable. The island was once owned by Wrigley chewing gum millionaire William Wrigley.

Travel Our Major Airport is only 2 min. from downtown

HOT-LINKED! San Diego is a happy 10 airport county with the San Diego International Airport at Lindbergh Field being the busiest air travel destination. It’s just 2 miles from downtown San Diego. The second busiest airline destination is North County’s McClellan–Palomar Airport. The third major airport (while technically not in the U.S.A) is Mexico’s Tijuana International AirportTravelers can actually get to the airport from the U.S. to Mexico and back via a short walking bridge. Not reviewed are two large military airports.

Travel to San Diego By Car

YOU DEFINITELY NEED A CAR to see the over 1000 Best things to do in San Diego. Preplan getting a car (if you didn’t arrive by car) at the airport or train station. A cheaper way is via Dirt Cheap Car Rental. They rent slightly used cars mostly to foreign exchange students and savvy visitors, who don’t need a brand new car to impress people they don’t even know. My 50 city and suburb self-guided map tours will quickly introduce you to the best of everything.

Travel via Cruise Ship

Dozens of cruise ships make scheduled stops in San Diego at the beautiful downtown San Diego Cruise Ship Terminal. Their stopovers enable you to discover a great deal of the Downtown area.

Travel to San Diego By Train NO TRAIN TRAVEL

Rail travel to San Diego is on hold due to railroad construction. But it will fast become in vogue again. One reason is that the fares are so reasonable. For example, the one-way fare from Los Angeles to San Diego is a mere ($36). California’s picturesque coastline when seen by train is incredible.

Wedding Venues, Rehearsal Dinners, Wedding Receptions

sandiegan.com Wedding at Orfila Winery
Memorable Moments await with a vineyard wedding venue

#1 RANKEDHOT-LINKEDfor San Diego Banquets and Catering. #2 RANKED Wedding, Rehearsal, and Reception venues. #1 RANKED. Military weddings, rehearsal dinners, and receptions venues. If there is a wedding or special event in your future, then do what thousands of locals do, visit this page. My personally reviewed recommendations include impressive wineries, elite golf course clubhouses, classy yacht clubs, prestigious hotels, and awesome restaurants with breathtaking venues and ocean views.

1000 BEST San Diego things to do

San Diegan.com Wine Tours: San Diego

sandiegan.com orfilia
Orfilia Winery wines have been served at the White House.

#3 RANKEDHOT- LINKED! There are literally 115 wineries in San Diego County. Many wineries are freeway close. San Diego wines have also been served at the White House. Also impressive is the fact that there are two viticultural areas (AVAs) in San Diego County. The oldest wine-growing region is the freeway close to San Pasqual Valley near Escondido. It’s home to the Orfila Vineyards and Winery, with more blue ribbon awards. than any other winery. Here too is the promising Rancho Guejito Vineyard. The other wine-growing region is in Ramona, boasting 30 wineries.

1000 BEST San Diego things to do

San Diegan.com 40 Temecula Wineries & Vineyard Dining

Sandiegan.com Falkner Winery

HOT-LINKED! Freeway close to Temecula is a famous wine-growing region. It’s also one of my highly recommended things to do in my San Diego Best of San Diego, Ca. There are 40 wineries you can visit 4 are must-visit wineries. I have also chosen two excellent restaurants to dine in. Plus, two excellent vineyard hotels I have personally stayed in and one is a French chateau. The map is excellent and includes a tour of Old Town Temecula and new Temecula

1000 BEST San Diego things to do

SanDiegan.com Tour: Near Ensenada Mexico are the 200 Valle de Guadalupe Wineries 

SanDiegan.com wines
Mexico’s Wine Country is Just a Short Trip South of the Border

HOT-LINKED! Sixty-eight miles south of the U.S. border near the small romantic seaport town of Ensenada. Ensenada is also home to El Rey Sol Restaurant, which is one of the top 5 French Restaurants in the world. Wine tasting in Mexico means dining in gourmet restaurants while sampling their’s wines against the backdrop of sweeping vineyard views. It’s an amazing experience and well worth the journey. Be sure to read the Ensenada chapter and study the map. Definitely buy Mexican auto insurance.

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SanDiegan.com is the ultimate restaurant, shopping, coupons, things to do, relocation, and regional travel resource everyone uses. This is our 56h yr. showcasing Absolutely the Best reviewed places to eat, shop, play, live, work; stay in San Diego. SanDiegan.com is relentless in its pursuit of the Best. Our research is based on an unbiased, personally, experienced approach.



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