Table/Contents Suburbs with Maps

Table/contents Suburbs with maps is a handly do-it-yourself editorilized chapter and map showcasing each city and suburb residents, visitors and newcomers never tire of visiting. If this is your first visit to San Diego, then do it right by first reviewing all of the categories listed on this page. Then begen your discovery of central San Diego by viewing the panoramic view of San Diego Bay from historic Cabrillo Monument via the Point Loma chapter and easy-to-use map (see below).

Cabrillo Monument is an historic site, which is one of the most visited historical attractions in America.  Even better you’ll gain  a visual perspective of the layout of central San Diego from the Mexican border to downtown San Diego and Mission Hills. It should be your firstsightseeing excursion of greater San Diego. Then at dusk it’s taking a breathtaking champagne harbor dinner and dancing cruise on a Hornblower Yacht around San Diego Bay. A view of San Diego aboard a luxurious boat is an absolute must. It’s the same view the early explorers saw when they discovered San Diego. It’s just as breathtaking a view today as it was then, perhaps more so. Both of these two must-see sightseeing excursions will definitely make you fall in love with San Diego.

In route to these excurisons you’ll be taking the Point Loma tour, which encompasses side trips to picturesque Shelter Island and Liberty Station (see map). You could skip these side trips or take them on your return from Cabrillo Monument. What’s most important it to get the he panoramic view from Cabrillo Monument. Then with this geographical perspective in your mind’s eye you’ll know how central San Diego is laid out. then studying the maps you’ll be able to navigate the city like a local in no time. THUS, THE ESSENTIAL ONE DAY SAN DIEGO TOUR will have been created.

On subsequent days, add the other cities and suburbs you want to see allowing one day each at the world-famous San Diego Zoo and a day for Balboa Park. The other equally popular attractions can be seen in half a day such as the aircraft carrier USS Midway CVA 41, which is throuroughly explained along with tours of the historic ships of the Maritime Museum moored at the waters edge which you can board as well. Everything is laid out in the historic Embarcadero Chapter along with a map and awesome seafi=ood restaurants to dine in. This must see walking tour is 1.4 miles of.  fun, fun, fun. What’s also wonderful about these walking and drivning tours it that they also include wonderful places to eat. I have dined in them all over the past 54 years paying for my own meals and inspecting the kitchens. So, rest assured that you will be enjoying the best of the best for my best friends.

In the process of researching and writing these chapter, I wrote 50 best-selling books covering every aspect of San Diego. All you need to do is decide what you want to see and then get going. Be sure to use the discount coupons, when offered, and because of the pandemic check to see if they are still being offered.

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Table/Contents Suburbs with Maps

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This page is set up much like the print version of SAN DIEGAN with fingertip access to all of the topics that newcomers, visitors, and residents to San Diego are looking for.

Access to the relevant information you are seeking is easy-to-find when you scroll down the page to the subject matter, such as a suburb like Old Town. Then click on the Old Town chapter and you will immediately find yourself emersed in this historic chapter. Suburb chapters include a useful map tied to a walking tour. Then within the chapter are bold-faced names and numbers tied to the suburb map. Many of the bolded text is hot-linked to their review. Nothing could be easier.