The Ultimate Do-It-Yourself 1, 2, or 3 Day City Tour

Editor’s note: I recently gave a one day San Diego tour to a couple that contacted me while on an inbound airline.  It was before the pandemic, and I was available. So, I met the couple at their hotel an hour later and took them on a one day tour of San Diego. His wife handed me a list of suburbs she’d like to see. I said great, but you also have to see the panoramic view of San Diego Bay from Cabrillo Monument first, and at dusk you have to take a breathtaking harbor dinner and dancing cruise on a Hornblower Cruise and Events yacht around San Diego Bay.

The panoramic views from both venues will give you the geographical perspective of how San Diego is laid out. With that perspective in mind, you’ll be able to navigate the rest of San Diego with ease. THUS, THE ESSENTIAL ONE DAY SAN DIEGO TOUR was created. This couple were leaving the next day for Hawaii.

On subsequent days, add the other cities and suburbs you want to see allowing one day each at the world-famous San Diego Zoo and a day for Balboa Park. The other equally popular attractions can be seen is less time such as SeaWorld and the USS Midway. What’s also wonderful about these walking and driving tours it that they also include wonderful places to eat. I have dined in them all over the past 52 years paying for my own meals and inspecting the kitchens. So, rest assured that you will be enjoying the best of the best for my best friends.

In the process of researching and writing these chapter, I wrote 50 books covering every aspect of San Diego. All you need to do is decide what you want to see and then get going. Be sure to use the discount coupons, when offered, and because of the pandemic check to see if they are still being offered.

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Access to the relevant information you are seeking is easy-to-find when you scroll down the page to the subject matter, such as a suburb like Old Town. Then click on the Old Town chapter and you will immediately find yourself emersed in this historic chapter. Suburb chapters include a useful map tied to a walking tour. Then within the chapter are bold-faced names and numbers tied to the suburb map. Many of the bolded text is hot-linked to their review. Nothing could be easier.