Emerald Chinese Seafood Restaurant Features Upscale Chinese Cuisine & Delicious Dim Sum

Phone: (858-565-6888)
Web: www.emeraldrestaurant.com
3709 Convoy St.
San Diego, CA 92111

This superb, upscale Hong Kong-style Chinese restaurant is head and shoulders above all the rest. From the white linen tablecloths to the extensive 12-page menu, the message is loud and clear that there is nothing ordinary about this restaurant. Diners flock here for their superb selection of dim sum delicacies and their incredible selection of fresh seafood and wide array of main course selections. In fact, the fresh seafood is so fresh that it is literally swimming in large glass tanks lined with marble for diners to see.

An impressive entrée not found elsewhere is the shark fin soup with ham and vegetables, which must be ordered in advance. Other recommended entrées include the steamed chicken wrapped in a lotus leaf, memorable Peking duck, Buddhist-style vegetable stew, egg plant with Yee Hang sauce and the list goes on and on. Memorable desserts and exotic cocktails are also served. Emerald Chinese Seafood Restaurant is a winner!


Full Bar & Fun Atmosphere

Live Lobster Tank

Great Dim Sum Lunch Selections