Ecopedicabs In San Ysidro

Phone: 619-446-6876
4570 Camino de la Plaza
San Ysidro, CA 92173
FOTO PEDICAB 1 compressed

Ecopedicabs has professional staff and excellent tour guides.

Ecopedicabs in San Ysidro (Bicycle Taxi) conveniently located along Camino de la Plaza and San Ysidro Blvd. (619-446-6876 or, is giving transportation around San Ysidro a whole new meaning. Rides are $3.50 per person from 8 a.m. – 9:30 p.m. Not only is the service inexpensive, but it is an efficient, fast and fun way to get around. You can shop, dine, bank, lodge or take care of any of your needs by the border, with the friendly and professional staff. The drivers are also excellent tour guides, who are knowledgeable of San Ysidro’s historical sites and commerce around the area. Only Ecopedicabs gives you service with a special drop-off/pick-up areas inside the outlets. Also, make sure you get into the identified cabs to get one free ride per car Mon. – Thurs. when you park at The Border Station Parking Lot. You can call Ecopedicabs for a special pick up or just get on any bike as they drive around.

A special service that gets rave reviews from the many pedestrians who have arrived in San Ysidro by trolley or by foot when crossing the border into the U.S. is the fleet of pedicabs (8) that eagerly wait for passengers. They will be happy to take you either to the historic San Ysidro Shopping District or to the outlet centers across the freeway or back to your car parked at the Border Station Parking Lot (1).