Borrego Springs is Enjoying a Land Boom

Borrego Springs is home to six golf courses one of which is rated one of the top three courses in America.

Borrego Springs is home to great real estate investments. One such investment is this 17-Acre Estate Lot, which is less than a minute from the prestigious de Anza Country Club and golf course.


A quarter million visitors will soon be visiting Borrego Springs to see the desert wildflowers in bloom. Many of these visitors will also be to looking for estate sized parcels of land to buy. This land rush for the last available parcels generated 48 land sales last year. That figure was well above the average of 12 parcels sold a year as smart buyers are becoming keenly aware that when the big parcels are gone they will be gone. The good news is that there are plenty of smaller parcels available, but there is limited availability for large state properties to join those already there.

The reasons for building your own spectacular desert castle or owning a seasonal or year around desert resort home are as numerous as the millions of stars that shine brightly in the sky each night. Since Borrego is not near a big city the night sky offers a spectacular view of stars and planets including the millions of stars in a milky way, Orian’s Belt, The North Star, the big dipper and shooting stars galore.

Of great appeal is the fact that Borrego Springs only has a population of 3,500 residents who are spread out over this massive 630,000-acre Anza-Borrego Desert State  Park. This humongous state park is so big that it’s almost the same size as the state of Rhode Island. So think Big and Beautiful with lots of wide open spaciousness. Add the fact that Borrego Springs is only 90 miles or less by car from the metropolis of San Diego, which is the seventh largest city in America, or you can get there even quicker to get there by air. All of which contributes to the reason why Borrego is both a great getaway as well as a wonderful place to buy an estate lot and build a castle. Now with less and less big estate parcels left property buyers are realizing that big estates are becoming a thing for only a few. So Borrego appeal is also enhanced by the limited amount of underground spring water available.

Thus, Borrego Springs will never grow into anything like it’s big neighbor to the north, Palm Springs with its many traffic lights and tens of thousands of residents.  Instead, due to a lack of natural springs water, it will always remain an exclusive getaway located in the center of the largest desert state park in the world.  But you better hurry, if you want to build your desert castle here, as there is a mini land rush going on in Borrego. Last year, 48 properties were sold, up from an average of 12 a year, and as the word gets out the current inventory will disappear making Borrego Springs even more exclusive than it already is. Plus, it’s only 90 minutes to the big metropolis of San Diego and only an hour more to Orange County, Los Angeles, and Riverside counties. So being so close to a big city more people are looking for a relaxing place to unwind.

Plus, the cost of new home construction is only ($133) a foot plus, with the accessibility of home building firms and lots of general contractors available from the greater San Diego area, finding a good contractor is not an issue. Thus, once you’ve found your estate sized parcel, the steps from buying your parcel to final completion of your Castle in the Desert are very straight forward because every home in Borrego Springs was built exactly the same way—one custom home is built at a time.

Borrego Springs Realty Experts

As you might guess many visitors fall in love with Borrego Springs and eventually come here to live. Thankfully, there are several real estate firms here to assist you. Notably, there is RoadRunner Realty with owner agent Patty Cragoe (619-742-6165) at 632 Palm Canyon Dr. or via, a local landmark real estate office. With her finger on the pulse Click Here to View Listings

Then there is the always reliable Coldwell Banker Borrego with owner-broker Sylvana Meeks to assist you. She can be reached at her office at office 642 Palm Canyon Drive or via (760-207-9189) . or at . Both realty offices are located on the Main thoroughfare of town.

Top Properties Now Available

Just now available is a 17-Acre Estate Lot, which is one football field wide and seven football fields long. It’s construction ready with the utilities near the foot of your private street. It’s ideally located in the northern end of the Borrego Springs Valley near other estate homes. Plus, it’s less than a mile from the prestigious De Anza Country Club and the famous desert sculptures.

This estate property is minutes from Christmas Circle, which is the hub of Borrego’s daily activity. Here too, is a new public library and police station offering a striking upbeat, and modern, architectural flavor to this internationally acclaimed desert resort.

If you purchase this 17-acre estate property you will, no doubt, have the most talked about the home of the ages. The majesty views of the mountains loom near at sunset making it a beautiful place to live. Then when the sun goes down, the sky is filled with literally millions of glittering stars making the view a breathtaking experience.

 Escape to paradise. Motivated seller.  Valued at $195,000 but offering half off to a motivated buyer with a dream of building a desert castle just like his deceased wife had wanted would fulfill a wish that the owner’s wife had of building a “much talked about” desert getaway.

This construction ready property with utilities near the foot of your private street is ideally located near other estate homes. It’s also less than a mile from the prestigious De Anza Country Club. This down-to-earth San Diego desert resort community (with no traffic signals) has a population of 3,500 leisure-minded seasonal and year-around residents. Playing golf on Borrego’s six beautiful golf courses is a favorite pastime as is viewing panoramic sunsets and millions of stars at night.

For inquiries for the purchase of this one-of-a-kind estate property call Barry Berndes at (1-619-857-9655) or e-mail him at This property is valued at $195,000 but is being offered to an exclusive and motivated buyer for half price to someone motivated to build a castle on this property to complete the wishes of the owner’s wife who passed away without realizing her wish to build a desert castle on this site. The address is at the foot of Buckskin Road with the main road being Lazy S Drive with Big Horn Rd. being the closest main crossroads.  A block down Big Horn Rd. and you’ll see the big multi-colored for sale sign 6-foot X 4-foot sign. You can get to the property as well by taking Cheyenne Way via Santa Fe Trail as well. You’ll see that it is easily accessible from two directions and offers a spacious view.

Borrego Springs

Borrego’s Desert Beauty Makes it  Special

Diverse San Diego County is also home to the largest desert state park in Americ a. It’s the impressive 630,000-acre Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, which is nearly the same size at the state of Rhode Island. This spectacular desert park has majestic mountains, beautiful canyons, hiking trails, camping, wildflowers and miles of scenic beauty. At night the sky is filled with millions of glittering stars. The magnificent sunrises and sunsets are equally spectacular.

Most of Borrego Sprints’ 250,000. visitors come in the spring when the wildflowers are in full bloom during the months of March through May. So be sure to bring your camera or smartphone. To avoid the traffic do come during the week or stay in a hotel (see where to stay) for a few days longer. So you can take in all of the sights

A must-see attraction is the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park Visitor’s Center (2) (760-767-4205). Here you will be introduced to the natural beauty of the desert with over 1,000 specials of plants, 297 varieties of birds and 116 different species of butterflies. The center also has fascinating displays and special multi-projector slide shows about the desert.

The visitor’s center is open daily 9 a.m.–5 p.m., Oct. 1–May 31. Then during the hot season, June 1–Sept. 30, the Visitor’s Center is open 9 a.m.–5 p.m. on weekends and holidays. It’s closed on weekends.

Also popular for campers and RV enthusiasts is to stay overnight in the state park. Depending on the season and accommodations requested, overnight fees at the Anza-Borrego State Park  (7) (760-767-4205) or go online.

Shoppers will also want to wanter through The Mall on Palm Canyon Dr. where you’ll find lots of nick nacks and a wonderful souvenir. Here too is Kendall’s Cafe serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also,  popular items to take home are the life-sized statues of pre-historic animals, which can be seen along many of the highways and by-ways in Borrego. Most were created by artist Ricardo Breceda.  you’ll see sculptures of wild horses, sabertooth tigers, and desert tortoises, which seem to be crawling through the brush. The artist, Ricardo Breceda, brings life to his sculptures by capturing these creatures in motion. They are so still, yet all you see is movement.

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Public Golf Courses

Borrego Springs Resort & Country Club (9), 1112 Tilting T Dr. (760-767-5700). Featured here is a challenging par 72 course, a 27 hole championship golf course with lakes and sand traps, a restaurant, cocktail lounge, and overnight accommodations. Green fees are ($40) weekdays and ($45) weekends from June 1–Sept.. 30; and ($70) weekends and ($80) weekends from Oct 1–May 31.  Credit cards:  DISC, MC, VISA.

The Roadrunner Golf Club/RV Park (8), 1010 Palm Canyon Dr. (760-767-5kl373). Featured here is a par 3 18-hole course. Green fees are ($25) for residents; ($30) for non residents. Credit cards: DISC, MC, VISA.

Private Courses

Half the fun of living in Borrego Springs is to belong to one of the private clubs. The oldest with its beautiful homes around the finely manicured  18-hole course is the de Anza  Golf Course located at 509 Caterina Dr. The other is the newer Rams Hill Course, touted as one of the top 3 courses in California. Rams Hill is located on Yaqui Road in the Southend of the Valley and de Anza Golf Course is located in the northern end just like two bookends.

Borrego Springs Has Twice the Population of  Julian

Borrego Springs boasts of having NO traffic signals. This down-to-earth desert resort community has a population of 3,500 leisure-minded seasonal and year-around residents. One of their favorite pastimes is playing golf on Borrego’s six beautiful golf courses. Thus, your estate home will only be minutes from golfing, dining, and shopping, yet as private as you want it to be.


Where to Eat in Borrego Springs

Expect to enjoy excellent dining at these locations also at the hotels with restaurants. See where to stay.

Carlee’s Place (5), 660 Palm Canyon Dr. (760-767-3262). Open daily for lunch and dinner, 11 a.m.–9 p.m. Bar open till 11 p.m. Nightly specials 5 [.m.–9 p.m. Great-tasting burgers, steaks, and pasta are served in an informal setting with a big-screen TV and a pool table. Credit cards: AE, MC, VISA.

Kendall’s Cafe, (4), at The Mall on Palm Canyon Dr. (760-767-3491). Open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner from 6 a.m.–8 -.m. The restaurant and coffee shop is the local favorite. Credit cards: MC, VISA.

The Red Ocotillo, 721 Ave. Surete  (760-767-4700). Open daily for breakfast, lunch an dinner 7 a.m.–8:30 p.m. offers a wide variety of healthy American cuisine including burgers, salads, pasta entrees.  Dog-friendly with a loyal following. Credit cards: MC, VISA.

Where to Stay

Borrego Valley Inn (3) 405 Palm Canyon Dr. (800-333-5810). This southwestern-style adobe inn features 15 darling rooms with private patios, kitchenettes, two pools, and two spas. Credit Cards: AE, DISC, MC, VISA.

La Casa del Zorro Desert Resort (10) at 3845 Yaqui Pass Rd., Borrego Sprints (800-824-1884). Double occupancy rooms, casitas for two to six persons. This is a world class resort, 4-star resort complete wit4h tennis courts, an archery range, swimmings pools, jacuzzi, and fitness center, spa, and salon. Plus, fine dining and excellent service.  Plus a cocktail lounge. Credit cards: AE, DICS, MC, VISA

The Palms at India Head (1), 2220 Hoberg Rd., P.O. Box 525, Borrego Springs, CA 92004 (800-519-2624). This historic inn features 12 cozy rooms with beautiful desert views, an Olympic-sized swimming pool and jacuzzi. Plus expect to enjoy delicious cuisine in a romantic setting. Credit cards: DISC, MC, VISA.

Borrego Springs is Surrounded by America’s Big Desert

Borrego Springs is surrounded by the magnificent 600,000 acres Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Based on size alone, it’s the largest State Park in the United States. Thus, it’s nearly the same size as the entire state of Rhode Island. Think BIG and BEAUTIFUL.

Borrego Springs is just 45 minutes east of Julian. This desert resort is home to majestic mountains, beautiful canyons, spring wildflowers, over 1,000 species of plants, 56 species of reptiles and amphibians, 297 varieties of birds and 116 different species of butterflies.


Nearby is Rams Hill Country Club with its magnificent golf course, which was rated at one of the top three golf courses in California. Plus, they have beautiful homes and an excellent restaurant. So there are six challenging golf courses to play on year around.

Getting to Borrego Springs

By car (see map)  Borrego is a mere 90 minutes away depending on where you live in San Diego. It’s even closer if you reside in any of the cities or suburbs of El Cajon, La Mesa, Ramona or Escondido.  The main thoroughfares are Highway 8 for the east county and Highway 67 and 79 in the North County.  Plus, Highway 8 is the highway to take from the east including Arizona.  If you have an airplane, as many out-of-towners do, Borrego Springs has an excellent airport, which is managed by the San Diego Airport Authority. Plus, they also have a restaurant at the airport. So getting to and from Borrego Springs is one of its strong points as the scenery and views are tranquil.

Borrego Annual Weather

The highest temperatures of the year are May (93.29), June (102), July 106.8),  August 105.7) and September (100.3).  The rest of the year the temperatures range between a comfortable (69 degrees and 89.2 degrees). With extra good air conditioning and changing your outdoor habits to doing things before dawn and after dusk, the warmer months are not uncomfortable.

 Escape to paradise

For additional information call or visit the Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce (6) (800-559-5524) at 786-Palm Canyon Dr. or visit their website at (


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