Tony’s Jacal is San Diego’s Oldest Mexican Restaurant

Tony's Jacal in Solana Beach offers patio seating

Dining on the patio of the world famous Tony’s Jacal Mexican Restaurant is special.

Tony’s Jacal Mexican Restaurant (5), 621 Valley Ave. (Eden Gardens), Solana Beach (858-755-2274). Only a 1/2 mile from the Del Mar Ractrack. Open for lunch Mon.-Sat., 11 a.m. -2 p.m. ($10.40 – $22.95); dinner weekdays 5 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., Fri.-Sat. 5 p.m. – 10 p.m.; Sun. 3 p.m. to 9 p.m.; Closed Tuesdays except during the Del Mar Racing Season. The racing season is from July  2 – September 2 and November 8 till December 1. Full Bar, Banquets, Food to go including large orders to go.  Free parking. Credit Cards: AE, MC, VISA, Discover.

Tony’s Jacal is Celebrating 73 Years

Tony’s Jacal is less than a 1/2 mile from the Del Mar Racetrack measured from the intersection of Via de La Valle and Jimmy Durante Blvd. If you turn left (south) then you are on Jimmy Durante Blvd. and Valley Blvd. if you turn right or to the (north). Both Valley Blvd. and Jimmy Durante Blvd. share the same road but change names.So turn north and you’ll only be 1/2 mile from the world famous Tony’s Jacal Mexican Restaurant.

Aficionados of Mexican food know that Valley Blvd runs right through Eden Gardens where the oldest and best  Mexican Restaurant is located.  This is the reason why you need  to dine here. In fact, Tony’s Jacal has gained such a loyal following that it rivals all others for being the best of the best. One visit and you’ll know why Tony’s Jacal is a very special place to dine.

So dining here is not just to have some Mexican food, it’s a passionate affair of the heart. Thus, each of its over 100 entrees is exceptionally delicious as these recipies have been handed down from generation to generation with love.

16 Amazing Appetizers Await You

Not even the appetizers are ordinay. The Sopes are to die for as are the amazingly delicious guacamole dip and chips. Bet you’ll want to take an order of chips home with you.

Be Sure to Order the Tortilla Soup

Their Tortilla soup is one of (5) memorable soupos served by the bowel or by the cup. But the Toritlla soup is amazing. This incredible entree is made with savory strips of chicken accented with green chiles along with strips of tortillas, topped with savory avocados  and ueso Fresco in a incredibly delicious chicken broth.

4 Healthy Salads Await

How does a crisp bowl-shapped flour tortilla filled with fresh lettuce, turkeyor shrinp, slicked fresh tomatoes, avocadoes, and bhard-broiled eggs sprinkled with cheese served with a ssavory oil and vinegar dressing. No less delicious is Tony’s Jacal’s Grilled Skinless Breast of Chicken served with frijoles de la olla and a . pineapple salasa fresca.

14 House Specials Top the List

Highlighting the rest of the menu are literally dozens of memorable main course selections featuring burritos, quesadillas, enchiladass, and carne asada.  Offered as both an appetizer or a main course is called a Sopes. You can have your choice of one of (5) main incredients consisting of (beef, pork, turkey, ground beef or chorizo). This show stopper sits on a flat corn tortilla topped with savory beans, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, queso fresco, sour cream, avocado and tantalizing jalapenos. It’s amazingly delicious!

Enjoy 12 Combo Plates, 8 Mexican Dishes, 7 Fajitas Plates, 4 Grilled Entres & 11 Seafood Sensations.

A speical treat is called Platos Especiales de Papas, which is homestyle comfort food featuring potatles servediw ht rice, beans and toritallas. A real show stopped is the Carne Guisada, which is Mexican braised been with potatoes coooked ina sauce of mild breen chiles and tomaatoes.  Ole.

No you’ll never be disappointed with the selection (104 entrees), which run the gamet for the best tasting Mexican dished including breakfast. Of course they do offer American entrees such as grilled cheese sandwiches, turkey sandwiches, and chicken strips and french fries. All are delicious!

Desserts are Spectacular

Have a hot Mexican Chocolate (which includes a big Mexican Cookie) with their four amazing chocolate churros topped with whipped cream. If that’s not enough then order their memorable flan.

Banquets & Catering

Looking for a perfect spot for your high school reunion, look no farther than Tony’s Jacal. They have a huge banquet room or you could rent out the entire restaurant. Plus, they have enough parking spaces to park over 100 cars. Tony’s Jacal is the perfect place for a meal for two or as many people as you know. Plus, the Mexican cuisine has stood the test of time for being the best of the best. Dine here soon.

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Adobe Inspired Setting Awaits

Housed in a stunning Adobe inspired building is part of the charm of Tony Jacal’s lies in the comfortable atmosphere, with its high beamed ceiling and arched stained glass windows. The cozy booths, low lights , and inviting outdoor patio add to the mystique. Yet, it is the authentic-tasting Mexican dishes and seafood entries that get the greatest acclaim. House specialties include Carne Asada, turkey, beef or fish tacos, Carnitas, Chiles Rellenos and the fantastic Tostadas. Try their seafood Enchilada or Quesadilla, or shrimp with green Chiles for the bold palates. For dessert, treat yourself to an order of Sopapillas, a delicious puffy pastry dribbled with honey. Adjoining the cozy dining room is a lively cocktail lounge.

History of Tony’s Jacal

It was immediately after World War II in 1946 that Tony and Catalina Gonzales decided to open a restaurant on the present site. Tony had just returned from military service and Catalina, who had contented herself with staying at home while Tony was away, persuaded him to allow her to open a Mexican restaurant right in his parents’ home. Open at first only on weekends, the modest establishment could seat just 26 persons. Catalina did the cooking and Tony helped serve. Soon the word about their chiles rellenos, turkey tacos and other tasty food spread throughout the area and even as far north as Los Angeles. Travelers and local residents would line up outside for long periods of time as they waited to be served.

Soon the Gonzaleses realized that they would have to extend their business days to accommodate the hungry diners. Tony’s Jacal, or “old building,” was enlarged several times during the intervening years and the present six-day week was established. Now the restaurant is open every day but Tuesday.

Traditional Mexican dishes are prepared with mild or hot seasonings to
please the discriminating palate. The menu also includes some American
entrees.The Gonzales family is proud of their cuisine and the years of
devoted service they have given their customers, many of whom return
regularly, and with good reason.  Banquets. Catering.

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