Teri Cafe with Three Locations to Serve You is Home to Memorable Teriyaki, Sushi & Noodles

Phone: 760-945-8888
Web: www.tericafe.com
3809 Plaza Drive
Oceanside, CA. 92056

Since 1987 the Teri Cafe has been serving the most delicious Japanese cuisine this side of Japan to a most appreciative audience of repeat customers. Each location is located in a local strip mall, so unless someone shares the good news of its location and delicious cuisine you probably will would never know it existed. But one visit and you undoubtedly become a regular.

This casual restaurant’s main attractions are its quick service provided by happy servers and it’s almost endless selection of memorable entrees. If you come for lunch, you can’t go wrong with one of their lunch specials, which is different every day Monday through Friday. Served every Thursday is their mini chicken Teriyaki skewers ($6.25) served on a bed of rice with a soft drink or hot tea and eight California rolls. It’s delicious and totally filling!

Sushi lovers will be very impressed with their nice selection of rainbow rolls, Hawaiian rolls, caterpillar rolls, flying rolls, aloha rolls, Philadelphia rolls, Albacore rolls and the list goes on down the page. And the prices are very reasonable for all of the delicious food you get ($1.19–$11.25).

Also popular are their great assortment of dinner entrees such as their chicken teri and fried shrimp entree served with rice, miso soup, greed salad and believe it or not a potato salad.

And being a noodle house, they pride themselves with serving the best home made noodles this side of Japan. So come try their Udon Noodle soup made with thick and delicious flor noodles. Entrees here to try include the chicken curry Udon and the Tempura Udon with shrimp and veggies. Another winner is their Ramen noodle soup with a variety of specialties added in such as the bean sprout soup, the stir fried vegetable and chicken soup and their popular pork with broiled egg on top.

Plus, dinner specials are served with rice, soup and salad each night from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. A real crowd pleaser is the chicken teriyaki fried rice, tempura shrimp (2 pieces) and savory seasonal vegetables ($11.25). While it is the most expensive item on the menu, it is definitely worth the price for such an excellent meal.

Additional locations include:

Teri Cafe Oceanside
Camino Town & Country
249 El Camino Real
Oceanside, CA 92054
760- 722-8399

Terri Cafe San Diego
Independence Square
7305 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92111