Segway Tours is the Only Certified Segway Experience Center and Tour Operator in San Diego

While it’s fun to see the sights on foot it’s even better to see the vastness of the Embarcadero by bike or cruising on a cool Segway led by a knowledgeable guide as you cruise along the waterfront. For your convenience San Diego Segway Tours by Wheel Fun Rentals (9) at 1355 North Harbor Dr. (619-342-7244), is ideally located across the street from the cruise ship terminal. It’s open daily from 9 a.m.–sunset every day of the year. They now have a location at the Marriott Hotel (18) as well. Segway Tours by Wheel Fun Rentals is the Only Certified Segway Experience Center and Tour Operator in San Diego! Get $20 Off with this Coupon.

Segway Tours, Wheel Fun Rentals

Wireless Communication 
Their long-range interactive wireless audio system has a single ear bud which allows guests to tune into their tour guide’s narration while staying in motion and enjoying all the sights.  This means more ride time, more information, and greater distance covered! Other tours have to pull over constantly to deliver small bits of information. The time spent gathering the group, pulling over, shouting information, getting everyone going again and repeating the process over and over doesn’t make for a very enjoyable experience.

Brand New Segway Fleet
As the only certified Segway tour operator in Philadelphia, they adhere to the strict guidelines laid out by Segway, Inc.—one of which requires the use of the latest Segway products, information, and training.State-of-the-art vehicles leverage the latest technologies to create an easier and more enjoyable Segway experience than older models.

See their homepage for more information.


Tours depart from their Embarcadero location and provide a 2-Hour Downtown Gaslamp-Embarcadero Waterfront Tour, and a 3-Hour Balboa Park Tour

The Embarcadero tour takes you through the heart of downtown San Diego’s architectural wonders, distinct districts, and alongside the eclectic Embarcadero Waterfront. You’ll glide along cobblestone pathways and soak up views of popular sculptures, as well learn much about the city’s history.

The Balboa Park Tour will give you enough riding time to discover the twists, turns, and attractions of Balboa Park and satisfy your Segway appetite!  Fantastic tour guides will regale you with stories and facts of San Diego’s past as you traverse the city on your way to the park. Get ready to be amazed as you enter this 1,200 acre park.