Scuba San Diego Offers Fascinating Underwater Adventures of La Jolla Cove's Ecological Reserve

Phone: (619-260-1880)
1775 E Mission Bay Dr. at the Mission Bay Hilton
San Diego, CA 92109

Scuba San Diego with over 40 years in business offers scuba adventures. Undoubtedly their underwater tour of La Jolla’s Ecological Reserve is an adventure that everyone enjoys. You’ll see the La Jolla kelp forest up close along with colorful fish. They also offer scuba certification classes, beginner scuba lessons and more advanced scuba excursions such as guided night dives and unguided boat dives to explore sunken ships.

To participate in these tours you should be physically fit and a good swimmer. Children must weigh at least 100 pounds or they must provide their own full-body wet suit.

Every excursion into the ocean is different, and exploring the La Jolla coastline with a company this passionate about the ocean gives you the opportunity to see new, stunning examples of marine life.

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Scuba San Diego: Swim with Garibaldi
Swim with Garibaldi
Scuba San Diego: Majestic Kelp Forest
Majestic Kelp Forest
Scuba San Diego: See Diverse Sealife
See Diverse Sealife

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