BajaBound.Com Is The Easy Way to Buy Online Mexican Auto Insurance Because Your American Policy is Not Valid in Mexico

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Why do you need need Mexican auto insurance? Believe it or not but your American insurance is not valid in Mexico. So if you are in an accident, you and your car will be retained in Mexico until the guilty party is determined and all damages and fines are paid. Plus, when the accident occurs you are taken to the nearest jail and detained there until the judge arrives. This doesn’t seem like something you’d like to happen even to your worst enemy. So the best advise is to purchase a one day or longer insurance policy. The beauty of is that you can be quickly insured online vs. stopping at the border and getting a policy at a drive thru brokerage firm or having to stop at the border and walk in to purchase it. So by purchasing your insurance online, you just stream through the border and on to your adventure in Mexico. Credit cards: AE, MC and VISA.

Mexico does not recognize American insurance as being valid. Mexican law is based on the Napoleonic Code, which means that when you become involved in a crime, you are presumed guilty. American law maintains that you are innocent until proven guilty. Automobile accidents (the same goes for private boats and airplanes) in Mexico are considered criminal offenses.

If you have a serious accident in Mexico, you (and your car) will be detained until it is determined who is the guilty party and damages are paid on demand. Your American insurance carrier cannot send an adjuster to help you, and the Mexican authorities will not accept your American insurance policy as proof of financial responsibility. Just get Mexican insurance and you’ll be safe versus sorry.

Tijuana Map

Tijuana Map