Relocation: Repairs & Remodeling

If you’re NOT a fix-it man, the next best thing is knowing where to find the help you need, especially if you’re a newcomer. These recommendations are the result of actually using each one of these journeyman craftsmen. So saying YES TO RECOMMENDING THEM IS EASY.

Home Depot is unquestionably the best hardware store with multi-locations countywide.

Jack-of-All-Trades and Master-of-All. Chepy Flores is an excellent journeyman master carpenter with 45 years of experience and the skill and know-how to fix or build whatever you want. Skills include: cutting and laying saltillo tile, stucco, especially fogging, spray painting, & carpentery. Call Chepy Flores (707-298-0930). He’s a local, born and raised in San Diego and knows what quality is and isn’t. He is a hard worker & easy-to-work with. Reasonable rates. He can’t be overly recommended

Electrician Consider yourself Lucky when you when you can get the services of Bill Watt (1-619-398-7628). He’s an electrician with over 40 years of experience. His knowledge ranges from a standard fix it job to trouble shooting Solar. Of course, he’s easy to work and offers reasonable rates. He cannot be overly recommended!

Roof Repair, it’s Shake, Shingle & Roll Roofing. He’s the best! For low-priced

Junk Removal contact or toll-FREE 1-844-464-586) Ask for the ($99) SPECIAL.

Tree Care Lucas Lemcke Tree Service (619-316-5242) []. They are licensed and bonded and low priced for excellent professional service. It’s not uncommon for entire neighborhoods to use this same tree service.

Saltillo Tile Installer No less spectacular is the beautiful artistic tile work by Steve Cumper (858-292-0651) a 30 + year seasoned professional. With a business slogan that “No Job is Too Small” you can finally beautify your bathroom, kitchen and floors the way you have always wanted them to be. Steve is your guy! He is a great guy to work with, and his prices are fair and reasonable.

Garage Doors East County Garage Doors to the rescue (619-599-6866) []. Toby has 30 + years of experience and can spot the problem almost the minute he walks into your garage. Working with the owner of any business makes a big difference with the service you get.

Upholstery Call Sabino Galvan (619-864-3374). Sabino came highly recommended to me, and I couldn’t be happier. Get a low price for the highest quality. All you need do is go online and purchase the fabric you love, and take your desired furniture along with the fabric to him. Why not get what you want vs. buying something almost as good and paying more?