San Diego Military Relocation Essential Information

Visit the Historic USS Midway at the Embarcadero

San Diego Military Relocation Essential Information

San Diego Military Relocation Essential Information is JAMMED PACKED with insider information you won’t find in any of those brouchures given out at a Military Housing Referral Office. This is not to say, that you should avoid visiting a Military Housing Refferal Office, on the contrary, definitely get all of the information possible from them because they offer the nuts and bolts of the basics newcomers need to know. is JAMMED PACKED with the soft news of over 500 fun place to eat, the best beaches, fun suburbs to discover and great weekend getaways when your spouce returns from a West Pac Cruise. Plus, every recommendation found on this website has been personally researched and reviewed. Plus, San Diego is often though of as the best duty station by far. Thus, it is our goal to make sure that you see all there is to see and do everything, while you are stationed here. And when you retire, you may very likely buy a house and live here full time. But you wouldn’t say that about 29 Palms Marine Base in the Desert or Fort Ord in Northern California.

From 1969 to 2019 a period of 50 years, a hard copy of the SAN DIEGAN was given to every relocating family by the housing referral office on every base in San Diego County and place in everyone’s military relocation packet. This included the Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force and even the Coast Guard.

Then with the advent of the Smartphone and the fact that everyone uses their smartphone an average of 5 hours a day worldwide, it just made good senses to enhance what the print version offered online. So, it grew from a mere 224 pages to the current 700 pages of insider information that only a local would know about their hometown. Plus, the publisher was an officer in the navy right here in San Diego as well as growing up in San Diego County. Thus, all of the personally reviewed information found throughout this website was personally researched before a recommendation has been made. Plus, he has personally been stationed on a ship in San Diego at the 32nd Street Naval Base and he has visited every military base in San Diego numerous times. So the information you will learn about San Diego is from a civilain growing up in San Diego as well as someone that was stationed on a ship in San Diego.

First and formost you should get all of the literature provided by the Military Housing Referral Office, even if you are single and even if you do not plan to acquire housing through this office.


The staffers at every relocation office is super passionate about being in the spouce of a military man. Thus, they are eager to share experiences or give solid advise about your major coucerns.

shipsOnce you’ve got settled in, start methodically going though this massive website in this suggest order of perusing the website using the handy two rows of handy navigational bar categores in this suggested order:








San Diego Relocation Essential Information

Being a military town San Diego has a lot of military museums

San Diego Military Relocation Essential Information

Thank you for choosing San Diego as your new duty station. Having had the misfortune of being stationed in unfriendly duty stations where the civilians were hostile. You will find this duty station. TOTALLY REFRESHING. In fact, San Diego is where more captains and Admirals retire than any other city in America.

With the assurance that living off base or in non military housing will be a good experience consider reading the neighborhoods section on the navigational bar specifically with these names: Point Loma, Ocean Beach, South Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, and Bay Park. These are central city communities with a laid back Southern California  lifestyle. Of great importance though is the military chapter, which includes. drive time that it takes to get to muster on time.

San Diego Relocation Essential Information

If you do select to stay in military housing, you’ll find that Lincoln Military Housing is a good choice, as it’s San Diego’s premier provider for military rental housing. Their management staff and team members will assist you in every possible way to improve your moving experience.

Below you will find information that may be helpful during the transition to your new home. Additionally, you will find more area information on their site in the links below.

If you need further support during your move, please contact their on-site District Office for answers to specific questions regarding your new community. Thank you and welcome to San Diego.

Lincoln Military Housing Office: (619) 556-7667 | Relocation Services  |  Helpful Links  | FAQs

Military Relocation Services in San Diego

Renter’s Insurance

We strongly recommend that you purchase renter’s insurance to protect yourself in the event of a loss. Here are a few telephone numbers of local insurance companies. These are for reference only and are not being provided as an endorsement by Lincoln.


(800) 862-6909


(800) Allstate


(877) 612-4622

State Farm

(858) 514-0385

Department of Motor Vehicles

3960 Normal St., San Diego, 92103
(800) 777-0133

Phone Company

Cox Communications, San Diego

5159 Federal Blvd, San Diego, CA 92105
(619) 262-1122


(800) 310-2355

Time Warner Cable (Main Office)

8949 Ware Crt., San Diego, CA 92121
(858) 695-3220

Cable Companies

Cox Communications, San Diego

5159 Federal Blvd, San Diego, CA 92105
(619) 262-1122 |

Time Warner Cable (Main Office)

8949 Ware Crt, San Diego, CA 92121
(858) 695-3220

Roadside America

Roadside America is an auto-assistance service that Lincoln Military Housing provides to all its residents free of charges. If you should experience a flat tire, dead battery, out of gas, vehicle lockout either at your community or within a 5 mile radius of the community Roadside America will assist you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

(888) 895-1744 |

Moving Companies

Discount Movers

8775 Miramar Place, San Diego, Ca 92121
Toll Free: (877) WE-MOVE-YOU
Office: (858) 490-0155

Short Term Storage

Mira Mesa Self Storage

7044 Flanders Dr., San Diego, CA 92121
(858) 453-0511

Navy Lodge

Navy Lodge

Navy Exchange or Commissary

San Diego Navy Exchange
Bldg# 3187a, 2260 Callagan Hwy
San Diego, CA 92136-5036

Fleet & Family Support Center

Naval Base San Diego

3005 Corbina Alley, Suite 1, San Diego, CA 92136
Buildings 259 and 263


3800 Chosin Avenue San Diego, CA 92140

San Diego is America’s #1 Military Town

San Diego Relocation Essential Information

A tour of the USS Midway will make you proud to be an American. We are a Navy town and like to show our guests what a Great Military town we are.