Centre City Development Corporation is the Driving Force of the Dynamic Redevelopment in Downtown

Phone: (619-235-2222)
Web: www.ccdc.com
193 Horton Plaza
San Diego, CA 92101

The dynamic force behind the redevelopment of the downtown is the Centre City Development Corporation (CCDC).

Visit their Web site CCDC.com for information about all of the new downtown residential, commercial and public development projects.

Also visit sandiegodowntown.org for business relocation and other downtown insider news.

During the past 33 years, approximately $1.45 billion in public investment has been matched by $13 billion in private investments. Plus, $485.2 million has been invested in downtown for public improvements and amenities such as parks, schools and open spaces by the city of San Diego under the direction of The Centre City Development Corporation.

These eye-catching improvements such as towering high rise buildings for both business offices and condominiums have enriched the quality of life for everyone in this vibrant part of San Diego.

With enhances concentration on the public realm, education and other key amenities, downtown continues to flourish as an attractive location for all who live, work and play here. Thanks to The efforts of the Centre City Development Corporation.

The Centre City Development Corporation is a public, non-profit corporation offering information about downtown’s redevelopment to both citizens and developers.

The Centre City Development Corporation (22) has a continually updated scale model of downtown at its Downtown Information Center located in the Horton Plaza Shopping Center. It’s on the first level above Lyceum Theatre.

One of the many important services offered by the Centre City Development Corporation is a free informative bus tour of downtown San Diego. Bus Tours are offered once a month and advanced reservations are required.

Please call the Centre City Development Corporation (619-235-2222) for reservations for this valuable and informative bus tour.