Airdale Brewing Company Embodies a Passion for Aviation and a Love of Great Craft Beer

Phone: 619-822-1612?
8385 Miramar Mall, Suite 206
San Diego, CA 92121

Airdale Brewing Company is a quality-driven company, producing premium beer for world-class clientele. Operated by Tony Clarke and David Lusk, Airdale Brewing strives to bring quality beer to those who choose to work hard and play hard!

Founded in 2008, Airdale Brewing Company embodies a passion for aviation, and a love of great beer. Behind its founders  backgrounds in aviation and craft brewing, Airdale Brewing Company strives to produce quality-handcrafted ales worthy of those aviation pioneers who take to the skies &

All Airdale ales are brewed with the same handcrafted quality that only a true artisan brewer could achieve. They use only the finest malts and hops available, paired with truly premium yeast strains and water tailor-conditioned for each specific beer style.

San Diego provides the perfect backdrop for Airdale Brewing Company. With the best aviation weather in the country and over 30 local microbreweries and brewpubs located here, we are privileged to have some of the best flying and craft beer in the country.