32% Discount on Medical Drugs & Products at Farmacia Gusher in Tijuana. It’s Open 24 Hours a Day

Thousands of American citizens flock to one of Gusher’s five Tijuana locations to shop for discount drugs daily. All you have to do is bring a doctor’s prescription and you’ll save up to 32% of the same prescription drugs, many produced by the same U.S. drug companies. Plus, Gusher is also the oldest and best drug store in Tijuana. They offer the same drugs offered in America, many with the same brands including patented geriatric medicines including Vivioptal, Geriatric Pharmaton, antibiotics and more. This is a full-service pharmacy.


The Gusher location closest to the border can easily reached by a Turbo Express bus you can board at Border Station Parking Lot. Within a half hour you’ll find yourself in the fashionable Plaza Rio Tijuana Shopping Center, minutes from the border and just across the street from the impressive Cultural Center.

At Farmacia Gusher (18 on the Tijuana map) expect to be greeted by professionally dressed pharmacists in white jackets. Plus, they are bilingual. equally famous for its juice bar counter, where you can get delicious refreshing tropical drink.

Not to be missed is to take a seat and enjoy one of their world-famous smoothies, which is made up of the other half of this pharmacy’s name. Gusher in Spanish means smoothie. So this where locals and out of towners take a break to have a smoothie, and so should you. Popular selections include fresh mango, pineapple, orange, banana and apple. Plus, they serve tasty fruit and veggie salads, sandwiches, milk shakes and other refreshing treats. Most importantly, everything is prepared naturally and it’s made right before your eyes.

Farmacia Gusher has additional locations throughout Tijuana and as well as in Rosarito Beach to the south. Credit cards: MC, VISA.

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