Martin Lawrence Galleries exhibits breathtaking new paintings by François Fressinier.

Date(s) - Saturday, Nov 9
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Martin Lawrence Galleries


Martin Lawrence Galleries South Coast Plaza Costa Mesa Gallery Invites Art Lovers to Meet François Fressinier Admire and Acquire his New Collection of Breathtaking Works.

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“There is beauty, complexity, mystery, joy…there is simply everything.”- François Fressinier

François Fressinier is an ardent admirer of the female face. To this French-born artist, it uniquely embodies and graciously expresses serenity, beauty, and the entire spectrum of human emotion. He has long shared his vision of its varied grace, and his latest works on display at Martin Lawrence Galleries Costa Mesa Location, starting June 8th – Fressinier grew up in with parents who collected posters of the artist Christine Rosamond. Her work influenced his view of femininity, subtlety, and use of the watercolor palette.

“Every painting is a discovery and makes me want to explore or experiment further. Every painting is a new beginning, a clean slate, so to speak, yet I always strive to convey in it what I discovered from my last painting.”-François Fressinier

Fressinier-born in Cognac, France, to scholarly portrait photographers imbued with an affinity for aesthetics-combines collage, impasto, abstraction, and figurative painting to create a unique textural style uniting both classic and contemporary elements. He studied fine art at the Ecole Brassartin Tours, where he was exposed to the images, sketches, and paintings of Rembrandt, Renoir, Courbet, Rubens, and Delaunay. He drew inspiration from these masters, and- from the very beginning of his career-incorporated those sensibilities into a unique expression of his creativity

“For me, the act of creating is like a conversation I have with my painting, and I have learned over the years to listen carefully to what it has to tell me.”-François Fressinier

The delicate hand of Fressinier is distinctly present in his beautiful, sensitive renderings of the female face, which is the frequent narrative of his work. The women of Fressinier’s world are imbued with his unique interpretation and have attracted the attention of collectors worldwide.

Martin Lawrence Galleries is the exclusive publisher of Fressinier’s works and is incredibly proud to be hosting the artist and exhibiting his latest works at their South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa location on Saturday, November 9th from 6-8 PM.

South Coast Plaza
Costa Mesa, CA

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