Argue Like A Scientist

Date(s) - Saturday, Jan 12
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Fleet Science Center


Through what lens do scientists view the world? How do scientists ask investigative questions? How can scientists engage in argument that leads to a better understanding of the world? Most importantly, how can we take what scientists do every day and emulate those behaviors in our classroom?

Like a Scientist is intended for the K-8 teacher seeking ways to improve her classroom science instruction.
Science skills are interdisciplinary. Teachers will discover that pattern recognition is equally important in science as it is in math or that cause and effect relationships are found in science and social studies. Science skills are used in every subject.

January 12: Discover strategies to enhance student arguments using claims from evidence, real data and opposing scientific views. Educators find new ways to align lessons to NGSS through science and engineering practices.

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