Panda Inn Restaurant is a Popular Dining Destination at Horton Plaza Mall Downtown

This delightful restaurant at the top of Horton Plaza shopping center features outstanding regional Chinese cuisine, which is balanced in taste and texture.

The atmosphere is inviting and comfortable; the menu a treat. They serve all your favorites like sweet-and-sour pork, kung pao shrimp, tea-smoked duck and braised string beans. But don’t stop there.

The honey walnut shrimp deserves special attention. Roasted walnuts covered in a light honey glaze, accompany tender, succulent shrimp. No wonder it’s so popular. If you want variety, then this three ingredient taste is the perfect choice. Delectable morsels of shrimp, beef, and chicken covered in a delicious mushroom soy sauce and mixed with broccoli, mushrooms, water chestnut slices and bamboo shoots is absolutely great.

Yes, and there’s fortune cookies, too. They’re foiled covered and dipped in white chocolate.